Flying Nodes allow scientists and environmental professionals
to efficiently collect data about the ocean.

The Flying Node’s easy deployment and recovery and ability to land and remain on the seabed for prolonged periods makes it ideally suited for capturing scientific data. Their ability to re-locate and sample the vertical water-column provide flexibility unparalleled with other technologies.


Environmental & Scientific applications for Flying Nodes include:

noise monitoring

Easily deploy and recover nodes with their built-in acoustic data logger to monitor environmental noise levels.

marine mammal

Flying Nodes can be used to detect and monitor the movements of marine mammals.

water quality

Collect water quality data and monitor areas for chemical leaks using Flying Nodes.

Deployment and Recovery

Deployment and Recovery

Flying Nodes can be easily and quickly deployed and recovered, whether the application requires a single node from a small vessel or many thousands of nodes to cover large areas.

Flying Nodes have a built-in data-logger for acquiring underwater acoustic and seismic data. Other sensors, for example water quality, CTD etc can also be integrated into the node.